Part Exchange

If you are considering buying a brand new Kebbell home but cannot contemplate moving house until you have sold your existing property, this is great time to take advantage of Kebbell’s Part Exchange Scheme.  It is a very simple, fair and sensible solution to your house moving plans.  In fact, it’s as simple as ABC!

A Arrange valuations of your existing property.  Kebbell will instruct up to three local Estate Agents to value your home and an offer based on these valuations will usually follow within 7 days.

B Buy your new home!  Once you have accepted an offer from Kebbell, you now have a guaranteed buyer in place and can commence the buying procedures, placing a reservation, instructing your solicitor and surveyor.  Kebbell Homes will then assume the marketing of your property and will be responsible for paying the estate agency fees for you in due course.

C Complete your purchase. If all goes to plan you will very soon be enjoying your lovely new Kebbell home  just  as soon as it is finished. When the big days comes, if it suits you to make the move gradually over a 7 day period, Kebbell will allow you to have occupation  of your previous home (under licence)  for that period, following completion of your purchase.  This enables you to move in at your own pace and ensure you settle comfortably into your new environment.

You can be sure that Kebbell Homes’ sales and construction teams are on hand to offer advice and reassurance throughout the process. As there are no worries about broken chains to disrupt your purchase, this is quite simply, a stress free, no hassle, cost effective way to move house and live the lifestyle you always wanted for yourself!  Please ask the Sales Representative for further details and move to stage A above as soon as you can to be sure you secure the property of your choice.