Land buying

Kebbell Homes is currently undertaking developments in a wide geographical area from North Yorkshire to  London and the  Home Counties as well as in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and  Hampshire. The Company also has been active internationally with developments in France and the United States .

We are currently seeking new development opportunities in good locations, with or without planning consent. Sites suitable for houses, apartments or  mixed-use schemes will be considered. The company is keen to identify all opportunities where a good margin is envisaged, irrespective of the number of units involved.  In addition, we are happy to consider long term arrangements. Please do contact us to discuss  any suitable development land and a quick decision will be made.

Kebbell Homes has funds available for immediate cash purchases. However, we are happy to consider alternative payment options, or indeed a joint venture, which may enable us to further enhance any cash offer.

In order to obtain the maximum value for your property, it is important that a Planning Consent that optimizes its potential is achieved. Obtaining Planning Consent can be a costly process with the need for topographical surveys, highway engineers’ reports, tree surveys, environmental investigations and consultations with councillors.

Kebbell Homes’ own expertise, together with our selected team of consultants, are able to ensure that the right planning consent is obtained, maximising the potential and value of your property. We will undertake all the necessary work at no cost to you, subject only to your agreement to sell your property to Kebbell Homes.

Kebbell Homes has a reputation for developing quality property in desirable locations. Our attention to house design and development layout, together with extensive landscaping ensures our completed developments not only blend in with the existing environment but serve to enhance it. We have a fresh, innovative approach to development and would be pleased to hear of any opportunities that you may feel would be of interest to us.

If you have land which you feel may be of interest to Kebbell Homes, please contact our Land Department on 020 8428 6221 or e-mail to