Andrea Fawell Takes On Swimming The Channel In Record Attempt

Later this week, our Sales and Marketing Director Andrea Fawell, will be joining five friends to embark on a unique challenge to swim the English Channel supporting their star swimmer, Paula Craig MBE, who will be the first ever paralysed wheelchair user to attempt the 21 miles without a wetsuit as part of a relay team. Working as a team, it will take about 14-18 hours to cross the Channel. The team is raising funds for Aspire who helped in Paula’s recovery after a road accident left her paralysed from the waist down. Read More

Where should a first-time buyer purchase? It’s about more than simply location. 

Of course, location is a crucial aspect of the buying process. You want to be near your place of work, family, friends, connections and amenities. Size and affordability are other important considerations too. There has been a clichéd view that a first-time buyer only wants - or can only afford – a small flat. Whilst for some purchasers that is the ambition, we believe you really can have it all.  Read More
Customer stories

Luxury and safety top of list for couple who chose new Berkshire apartment

Brian and Sally moved into their new home at Wintersbrooke in Sunninghill, Berkshire, after deciding they wanted to find a home that equalled the size of their townhouse but didn’t have the stairs. Undeterred by the pandemic, the Norths moved to their new home in January 2021, and are enjoying every aspect of having a quiet exclusive residence (with no stairs), close to a lively, charming area where they once lived many years ago. Read More

How can the property industry attract more women?

In the housebuilding industry, it's generally thought that women are the main driving force behind a house move. Even today, women are regarded as the 'home makers' who instinctively understand what they and their families need from the place they live in. Therefore, it's surprising to learn that women account for just 15% of the workforce in property and construction. With International Women's Day falling on March 8th, we felt now was a good time to ask why? Read More
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